The Ultimate Guide to Seed Starting

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Proven Winners Annuals Presentation

Holiday Cactus 101

Watering Your New Trees!

Attack of the Lily Beetles

Super Sneaky Slimy Slugs

Planning Your Perennial Garden

Planting a Shrub with Rick

Banishing Blossom-End Rot

Growing a Memory: Memorial Planting

Glorious Groundcovers

The Ultimate Guide to Fertilizing

Bountiful Backyard Bouquets

Composting 101

Water Plant Guide

How to use Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers in Your Annual Containers!

Here Comes the Sun: Perennials for Hot and Dry Areas

Praying Mantis Info & Care Guide

Perennials to Deter Deer

Solving Garden Problems: Perennials for Acidic Soil

Clematis 101: Heads in the Sun, Feet in the Shade

Temperature Guide for Planting

Growing Mushrooms

Hardening Off Bedding Plants & Perennials

Planting Potatoes

Citrus Tree Care

Vegetable Gardening Spacing

The Art and Science of Shade Gardening with Perennials

Pollinator Paradise: Annual Flowers for Pollination

Deadheading Annuals

How to get your Amaryllis Bulbs to re-bloom

You Say “Tomato,” We Say … “Start Them Now!”

Getting Your Garden Spring Ready

Welcome to the Jungle: Bright Indirect Light

Houseplant Care: Winter Edition

Poinsettias: Holiday & Year Round Care

Caring for your Live Greens

Maple Bugs: What are they and How to get rid of them.

How to care for Fall Mums: Keep them Blooming Longer

How to Build a Terrarium

How to Plant Fall Bulbs

Lawn & Plant Care: Keeping up with the Summer Heat

Leafroller Control on Garden Plants

Ant Buster & Grub Buster Nematodes

How to plant Clematis

Trees & Shrubs: Planting and Warranty Guide

Remembering Adrie Van Duyvendyk

Garden Talk with Rick & Jill vanDuyvendyk

How To Plant Spring Bulbs

Hardening Off Perennials

How To Force Bulbs

Beginner's Guide to Repotting!

Mounting a Staghorn Fern

Changing Out Your Christmas Arrangement

Winter FAQs

Live Christmas Tree Care

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Palm Tree Care

Maple and Birch Care

Needle Cast Treatments

7 Houseplants that are impossible to kill

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